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10+ Seeds,Great opportunity to grow one a kind varieties and possibly develop your own tomato variety starting with rare and extreme potential genetics!



You Can Create Your Own Tomato Variety!
How this works…

Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye cross with Indigo Apple
In 2011, I did a natural pollen transfer cross of two of my favorite varieties, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye(Pink BTD) and Indigo Apple. Pink BTD is a large, early, striped, prolific and super tasty tomato with very flavorful dark pink, purple flesh. Indigo Apple is a medium sized, red, prolific, sweet tomato with very good anthocyanin expression. I have had near all black tomatoes in ripe state. I grew out some of the seeds from this cross and harvested seed from those tomatoes.

In 2013 I grew 100 plants from the F-2 (second generation). The F-2 generation is when the different expressions (color, shape, size, flavor, etc.) show themselves. The results were outstanding! The flavor was good to great on all. Production averaged very good. I observed many with large, unusual fruit trusses that had a very high rate of fruit-set.

Find pictures of some of the variations I observed in 2013 Click Here.


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