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Wild Boar Farms tomatoes in action at Fume' in the Napa Valley

Chef Terry Letson of Fume' with Brad Gates
of Wild Boar Farms
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Very rich complex flavor
in a beautiful wrapper
Terry in action
Beauty King: Sweet , meaty and lots of tomto flavor,
also a looker
Caprese salad Fume' style.
Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart: Spicy meaty and as close to a flashback as you want to get (high acid content)
Gorgonzla stuffed tomatoes.
Some of the many Wild Boar Farms
varieties of tomatoes.
The ultimate cucumber / Wild Boar
Tomatoes salad being made.
Almost done!
Berkeley Tie-Dye Wild looks, strong spicy tomato flavor
Busy in the kitchen at Fume'
Sliced Wild Boar Farms tomatoes

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